Your Vehicle Radiator – New Jersey

Your radiator is one of the most important parts of your vehicle, and something you should keep properly maintained. A NJ car dealership can service your radiator when needed. If your radiator is leaking, it most likely needs to be replaced, and Miller Buick GMC can replace the radiator with a quality radiator.

Radiator Care: Your radiator should always have antifreeze in it. The water pump cycles the water / antifreeze in the radiator through the engine to keep the engine cool. The water / antifreeze mixture passes through the radiator to cool. If the radiator is clogged, it can’t cool the water fast enough to keep the engine cool and the vehicle overheats.

Depending what type of antifreeze your vehicle uses, you may need to flush your radiator from every couple years to every five years. You should be replace the antifreeze every two to five years, depending on the type of antifreeze in the vehicle.

Problems: There are three things that can happen to a radiator. The radiator cap, which keeps the water in can fail. This could allow water to leak out, lowering the amount of water in the system. If there is not enough water, the radiator can’t cool it fast enough and the engine will overheat.

Radiator: Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons: Bill Wrigley: Public Domain

The radiator could develop a leak in the tanks, the core or where the tanks are attached to the core. Again, if there is not enough water in the radiator, it will not cool properly and the engine will overheat.

The radiator could become clogged with mineral deposits. When this happens, the area that is clogged does not cool the water / antifreeze mixture and the vehicle will overheat. If the radiator is clogged, the affected area is hotter than the rest of the radiator.

Warning Signs: You should check your fluids at least once every three months. If you plan on taking a long trip, you should check the fluids, even though you may have just checked them a week ago. When you check the radiator, make sure the engine is cold before opening the cap or the overflow bottle. If you constantly have to top off the radiator, you could have a leak in the radiator, in a water or heater hose, at the water pump, at the intake manifold or at the head gasket.

If the radiator is full, but the car seems to be running hot or even overheats, you could have a blocked radiator. Overheating is something you must catch before the radiator runs out of water. If you don’t notice it, the radiator could run out of water. Since there is nothing in it for the coolant temperature sender to measure, it will not show that the car is overheating, thus it is pertinent to always check and maintain your radiator.

Life Expectancy of a Radiator: There is really no life expectancy of a radiator. A well-cared for radiator that is well made with quality materials could last a couple hundred thousand miles, especially if the tanks are metal. If you have plastic tanks, which is more common, the life expectancy could be less, because plastic doesn’t last as long as metal — but should last at least well into the 100,000-mile range.

If you use straight water, the radiator is not going to last — the core will rust, and if you have metal tanks, the tanks could rust. Also, using straight water causes the engine to start rusting inside.


Sun Damage and Your Vehicle

Here at Miller Buick GMC of Woodbridge we sell a large inventory of great looking vehicles. Before our vehicles are placed on the lot they are given a 5 star inspection. Our trained staff knows exactly what to look for when a car or truck comes into our shop with a problem.

What harms even the greatest looking car is sun damage. The sun rays can crack the windshield, fade the paint and even destroy the interior on the dashboard. Some damages are so severe that the only way to repair the problem is to replace the items.

However, parts are expensive but intervention and prevention costs far less. Here are a few preventive measures our car owners can take to help them save money on repairing the damage the sun do to their vehicle:

· Wash the car often. Sometimes the paint on the car can get to hot and start to crack, peel or fade. Keep the vehicle out of direct contact with the sun.

· Do not rely on the sun to dry the car. This can harm the paint on the surface and can cause discoloration. Instead, dry it with a soft cloth.

· Wax the vehicle after each wash. Waxing protects the vehicle from ultraviolet heat rays. It provides the surface of the car with a protective film. The vehicle engine dispenses a lot of heat on top of the hood. However, it is possible to get a great shine and protect the roof of the vehicle.

· Keep the leather interior clean and protected with a UV absorbent. Covering the seats, the dashboard and the steering wheel can help keep these areas free from the exposure of the sun. Using a cardboard sun shade in the front of the windshield is great for protecting the interior of the vehicle.

Investing in window tint is another great way to keep the sun from damaging the windows, the seats and the dashboard. Some car owners do their own window tinting to save money instead of using a professional company; however we do recommend contacting a professional. Another great way to save money in the long run is to have the inside of your car detailed regularly at our service department at Miller Buick GMC.


New Jersey Vacation Series – Atlantic City, NJ

The most fun part of any summer is vacationing away from home. Families plan all year for the perfect trip. They work and save their money so they can give their children and loved ones the best vacation ever. Disney world and Orlando is overcrowded because everyone wants to go there during the summer months. With a crowd so large it may not be possible to do all the fun things that may be on the “to do list.” Now is the time to go some place totally different and experience a vacation that is anything but ordinary; welcome to Atlantic City, NJ.

This is the place where memories are made and dreams come true. Atlantic City is located on Absecon Island which has been a tourist attraction site since 1854. There is a lot to see and do in the City that offers so much. Enjoy the boardwalk scenery and stop by the casino for a few hands of Blackjack. Eat and drink at the finest restaurants and walk along the prettiest beaches on the strip.

During the daylight hours take the entire family to the historical museum and introduce them to the mysteries of the deep sea. Next take the kids to the local zoo where they can view more than 500 species of animals and afterwards everyone can feast on some fresh tasty seafood. Atlantic City has so much to offer and at an incredibly reasonable price.

They have lots of exotic shops and it is only a short drive from the Absecon Lighthouse, which is the third largest light house in the United States. From there families’ have access to some stunning views of the nearby bay. To ensure that our customers arrive to their vacation destination safely we recommend that our customers take advantage of our services. They can stop by our Woodridge GMC dealership and let our trained staff take a look under the hood. Preventive maintenance before a long trip is highly recommended.


A/C Servicing Tips

Summer time is almost here and we encourage our customers to take advantage of our automobile service department. It is important that their air conditioning unit is properly serviced and working just fine. Even our used cars and trucks get the same full all star inspection to make sure they are in perfect running condition.

We want our customers to enjoy the summer time in the cool air conditioning of their vehicle. Sometimes Freon gets low or a leak in the cooling line may be detected. In any case, our customers can bring their vehicle to us and we will get their system working right again in no time at all.

Here are a few AC hints and tips that will save our customers a lot of money all year round:

· Check the dashboard to make sure the control setting is set to cool and not heat. Mistakes often happen and it can be embarrassing to get to the auto shop and learn that the air conditioning is not broken after all.

· Check the Freon level if possible. Low Freon levels can cause a air conditioning to blow warm air instead of cool air. Your car dealership can replace the Freon in the air conditioner in no time at all.

· Check for leaks. Leaks cannot always be seen especially. However, there is a special liquid that can detect a leak if one is present. Sometimes friends are knowledgeable in this area and can assist in finding out exactly where the problem may be.

· Check for loose or frail wiring. Loose or damage wires can cause the AC unit to malfunction. Sometimes it may work just fine and other times it may not work at all. This could be due to the wiring shortening out and this could damage the unit severely.

· Check the fuses. Sometimes replacing a small fuse can fix the problem. Nearly everything runs off fuses and sometimes drivers forget that. Remember to check the fuses or at least replace them after a certain period of time.

If problems are still present after performing these simple preventive measures then it is time to bring in vehicle in to one of our shops for a AC inspection. It could be something as simple as the fan not blowing. Whatever the problem is our servicing department at Miller Buick GMC will find it and fix it. Make sure to come on by Miller Buick between May 29 and June 4th and get a free A/C Performance Check.


Golfing in New Jersey

Golf is a leisure sport that hundreds of people enjoy tremendously. Not only is it a fun game but it is totaling relaxing. Walking around the golf course, swinging a golf club, and putting a golf ball inside a hole are definitely interesting parts of golfing, but many of those who golf especially appreciate the time spent with good friends and family. Our customers deserve to take a break and head out to the golf courses located only a few miles from where they live.

Silver Lake Golf Course is less than 10 miles outside of Woodbridge. It is located in Staten Island on Victory Boulevard. The golf course is open to the general public and they are open seven days per week for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is the perfect place to eat, relax or even plan a party. Outdoor dining is popular at this Golf course and everyone is invited to come on out and just be themselves.

Other popular Golf Courses are the Colonia Country Club (private) 2.53 miles located in Colonia, Metuchen Golf & Country Club (Private) 4.51 miles, located in Edison, South Shore Golf Course in Staten Island (public) 4.52 miles. This is only a partial list of Golf courses located less than 25 miles from Woodbridge.

Vacationing near Woodbridge, NJ is a golfer’s dream come true. Imagine stepping out of the hotel room and onto a vibrant green golf course where breakfast, lunch or dinner is being served. Enjoy playing and even make new friends. Our Buick car dealership is not too far away from Staten Island so if there is ever a problem with one of their cars or trucks on of these course we are just the service center for you. Just give us a call or go online and schedule an appointment.

Our Woodbridge GMC dealership visits the golf course often. Like other car dealerships we may drive one of our models to the golf course to let everyone see just we have to offer.


The Advantages of Carpooling In New Jersey

Carpooling is the ultimate way to save gas and money. It allows individuals to get to and from their place of designation without spending a lot of money. For instance, 6 people going to work can add $10 to a gas pool fund for the week and go where they need to go all week. Vehicles that burn less gas are the perfect candidate to use in carpooling. There are some great advantages to carpooling such as:

Carpooling in New Jersey

· It helps by reduce overall energy consumption

· Less traffic jams

· Large savings on gas expenses

· Less stress when it comes to driving a lot

· Helps the atmosphere by cutting back on pollution

· Saves money on parking tolls

Finding someone to carpool with is easy; especially, since most people are looking for ways to save money. Buying a car from Miller Buick GMC is the best choice when it comes to carpooling. Our cars have been tested and serviced before they are put on the lot. Our customers save money not only on gas but on repair charges as well. We sell the best running vehicles in the area. If for some reason our customers are not able to carpool and someone else must drive their vehicle they can be assured that their car will not breakdown.

We give every vehicle the 5 point check which includes checking the tires, the air and heating system, the battery and the liquid coolants. According to public research data:

· Each car unloads over 16 ounces of carbon dioxide each mile they drive.

· Emissions drop considerably to about one third of the regular amount when three passengers are added.

The benefits to carpooling are enormous. Carpooling in a Miller Buick or GMC provides our customers with peace of mind.


New Jersey Vacation Series – Pt. Pleasant, NJ

This summer everyone wants to hit the beach, the highway or find a nice place to spend their vacation. Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey is a fantastic family vacation spot. Take the family on a scenic view of the beach in New Jersey and let them experience the joys of cool water splashing on their face, the sun beaming down on their faces and the wind blowing in their hair. Finding a place to stay is not difficult; the hardest choice will be deciding which rental to stay in.

Point Pleasant Beach has vacation Bungalows only a short distance away from the Jenkinson’s Boardwalk and only a few feet away from the beach. Most of the rentals were built in the early 1920’s which makes them an historical landmark. They have been completely renovated and are the perfect place to live during the hot summer months. Step outside your door and watch the boats go up and down the Atlantic Coast.

Just south of Point Pleasant Beach there are other popular vacation spots for the entire family to enjoy. Along the Jersey Shore vacationers can find more rentals, more boardwalks and tons of family entertainment. Families with small children will appreciate the amusement park and boardwalk games. All the sweets you can imagine are at the Jenkinson’s Sweet Shop, where you and the kids can enjoy salt water taffy, homemade fudge and plenty of candy for everyone.

At the end of the walk everyone can enjoy the underwater world together at the Jenkinson’s Aquarium. Take pictures of the different sea animals and participate in the a few exhibitions. Everyone is sure to have fun at the aquarium. Make this the best summer vacation ever. To make vacationing in Point Pleasant Beach even more memorable get the automobile serviced at least a week before leaving. Our NJ Car Dealership will be happy to give any vehicle a once over inspection. We want our customers to be safe on the highway and we want them to enjoy the vehicle they purchased at Miller Buick GMC.


Do You Need to Use Fuel Cleaners or Additives?

Fuel additives can keep your new or used car running well and economically. The right treatments can also help your engine last longer. Knowing the right products to use will help you get the best results and prevent potential engine damage. If you have doubts about a product, Miller Buick GMC has professionals ready to assist you.

Miller Service Department

Tips for fuel treatment use:

  • The main purpose of most fuel additives is to clean the fuel system. Regular treatments will keep it clean. Most products are designed for use with a full tank of gas
  • Products may be labeled as an injector and carburetor cleaner or just as an injector cleaner. These products produce similar results. Products labeled as fuel system cleaners are designed to go beyond injector cleaning.
  • Fuel additives can restore lost power and improve fuel economy. They can be useful in preventing problems that may occur from the use of poor quality gasoline.
  • Adding a combination gas dryer and antifreeze treatment may help in very cold climates. This additive can also help if a small amount of water has entered the tank. This is not a solution if the tank contains a large amount of water.
  • Certain fuel treatments will help the fuel filter last longer and reduce filter clogging.
  • If your vehicle is supercharged or turbo, ensure the product is labeled for safe use in these engines.
  • Do not use more than the recommend amount of cleaner per full tank of gas. Double dosing can be damaging.
  • Octane boosters are available, but most vehicles do not need them. Use these products with caution.

Diesel engines do benefit from the addition of the correct treatments. Diesel products will keep fuel injectors clean and the fuel pump lubricated. Diesel fuel can develop waxy crystals below -15 F. An anti-gel agent is recommended to keep the fuel flowing freely. Be sure to use a treatment approved by the Environmental Protection Agency for reduced sulfur emissions.

Stabilizers are used to keep fuel fresh. If you do not run your vehicle frequently, a stabilizer may be a good choice. When you are considering using a fuel system additive, ensure that the product will not void your vehicle’s warranty. We carry a full line of General Motors approved “critical fluid conditioners and additives” that are engineered for your Buick or GMC. These Miller Buick GMC approved conditioners and additives can prolong “critical fluid” life and they DO NOT void your 5yr/100,000 mile warranty. Visit Miller Buick GMC, your NJ Car Dealer, for more information on the fuel treatments that are right for your vehicle.